Top 5% rule

There is no dividing line between 5% and 5.00000001%.

Invest in yourself

  1. Communication skills. In today’s world, it’s very important for you to have core skills, but it is equally important to work on your soft skills, like communication. In every field irrespective of what your profession is you will have to interact with people and effective communication can really give a positive impact of your personality.
  2. Financial skills. The hard truth about capitalism is the divide of wealth between rich and poor is getting bigger day by day. So, it is very important that you manage your money well. I don’t have to say much on this, there is an excellent book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which is worth reading. You will learn about assets, liabilities, cash flow and many good stuff that will improve your future living.
  3. Technical skills. It does not matter wether you are a technology person or not. As of today any thing you do is related to tech. Even the article you are reading is because of technology. So, it becomes significantly important to know the latest technology. You may not have to read a book for every new technology but a simple news article about latest trend would suffice.
  4. Relationship. The 2019 Coronavirus pandemic has all taught us 1 thing while working from home that it’s good to have some time for yourself, but it is equally important to stay connected with people you enjoy being with. In this area it is important for you to think about your emotional quotient(EQ) which actually helps to you feel other person state and interact in a better way with them.

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Nikhil Gupta

Nikhil Gupta

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